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Cast Urethanes

Cast urethane, also known as RTV tooling (Room Temperature Vulcanization) is a process where liquid silicone rubber is poured around a master pattern to create a mold for casting parts. Over the years, the process has earned a reputation for delivering high-value, low-volume production with great detail and surface finish.Read more about Cast urethanes


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Stereolithography (SLA®) is an additive manufacturing technology. The process cures liquid photopolymer resin with an ultraviolet laser to build parts layer upon layer, each typically measuring two-thousandth to six-thousandth of an inch (0.002” – 0.006”).
Read more about Stereolithography


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Injection Molding

For years, injection molding has been a preferred manufacturing process for producing parts from thermoplastic materials, but now we can offer it in a fraction of the time. We are not limited to straight pulls of clam shell designs. We create your complex parts, requiring action, slides, inserts and overmolding through at a fast pace, getting your product to market much quicker. Engineering-grade materials are fed into a heated barrel, heated, forced into aluminum MUD or steel mold cavities and compressed into the intended shape.Read more
about Injection Molding


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